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Top 5/10 Tire Lists of the Best Performers ~ 2016


Welcome to Tire Sniffer's quality stable of comprehensive tire lists.  These TOP 5 / 10 Passenger & Light Truck Tire lists are unbiasedly hand crafted for drivers looking for an answer to the most commonly asked question, "So, what is the best tire...?"  We call it the unicorn of all tire related questions as each tire model performs differently depending on the vehicle it carries down (or off) the road.  That being said, we can still decipher and confidently provide drivers with what tire models, *we suggest, rise above their counterparts.

Using the platform as a foundation for discovery, users have access to a unique pedigree of interactive lists unlike any other.  Let the lists be your guide for your tire selection or consideration.  Your watch and wallet will be very grateful for your prudence.

Watch the Playlist of all Top 5/10 Tire Lists