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Case Study: Tire Sniffer DIRECT

A comparison & look in to proving the power and success of Tire Sniffer DIRECT's GUARANTEED Lowest Tire Pricing service.

Tire Sniffer scans the market and 'Sniffs' out the best deals on behalf of the tire shopper.

Date: September 2016
Tire: Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S+
Size: 235/55R20 102H

Local Brick & Mortar: With Warranties (Free Flat Repair/Free Tire Rotations)
Online Merchants: NO Warranties


Defining the problem:

It's mind boggling just how determined tire consumers are to find the rock-bottom price possible on a tire.  They search high & low in hopes that they can score an amazing deal.  The reality is, it is not until they've invested a substantial amount of time shopping that they finally convince themselves that the dealers they've sampled & the prices they've accumulated have provided them with the best price they could find.  (Key phrase - that THEY COULD FIND).  Keep in mind that just one phone call to a retailer takes at the very least 5 minutes (if you're talking to a competent salesperson) up to and above a very common 15+ crazy minutes to obtain a price (give it a try, you'll see why)  Couple that with combing the web and you're guaranteed to put in a solid 6+ hours spread across several days searching for who carries the tire brand, what the price is and deciphering the findings.  Now, we applaud the tenacity of the tire consumer but the time and (unbeknownst to the consumer) money waste is appalling.

Price.  At the end of the day, all that truly matters to the consumer is the price they paid for a particular tire.  Consumers invest substantial amounts of time not only trying to decide what to buy but deciphering and determining what the lowest price is for a tire.  The reality is, they are looking for a unicorn.  There There are over 100,000 tire retailers throughout the country, and the vast majority of them have no pricing available to customers, who must call a shop to obtain some sort of price.  So, in lieu access to brick & mortar pricing, consumers jump online where, by the very nature of eCommerce, online tire dealers display their pricing.  Now, for some unmeasurable reason, they think that online tire prices are the lowest price, they take that to a tire retailer and start chipping away, one - by one - by one - by one, shopping one tire retailers price against the next until they arrive

It is incredible how unstable, unpredictable, un re-searchable, pricing tires is.  It is even more incredible how inefficient the consumer is at shopping for tires which is due to the previous mentioned statement.

The reality for tire shopper is this:  It is HIGHLY unlikely they will truly uncover, without doubt, the lowest price they can pay for a tire.  Even if you could call 10 stores

A consumers true ability to achieve the lowest tire price is far outweighed by the amount of time invested in searching for

What exactly is "the lowest price"?  Consumers are bombarded with local shops & online dealers claiming the lowest price, price matching, best deals and whatever other industry buzz words they can grab to get your attention.  The problem is, how can you, the consumer, be so sure you're getting what they claim?

We put them to the test versus our Tire Sniffer DIRECT pricing service

The issue presented to tire consumers is the inability to acquire a definitively low price without investing large amounts of time.

Consumers are faced with a major problem.  They want the lowest price yet are not able to

Price Range for Pirelli ~ Scorpion erde A/S+ 235/55R20 102H

Tire SNiffer knows where to get find the tire we know what that lowest price is, we know how to get it.

how do we do it.  we are the exerts in the industry.. we have the connections and networks necessary to get the price

The Proof Is In The Pudding:

Ten Minutes VS. ??? + Hours

Ex: Pirelli ~ Scorpion Verde A/S+ 235/55R20 102H

  1. Tire Sniffer DIRECT Guaranteed Lowest Price: $150 (delivered to you within minutes & no shopping effort)
  2. 20+ Local Tire Shops & Online Dealers: $150 - $215 (??? hours of your time)

Tire Sniffer DIRECT:

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed.
  • In your hands withing minutes.
  • Consumers do ZERO price shopping.
  • We do the dirty work, you save time & money


On Your OWN:

  • What is the lowest price?
  • Where to get the lowest price?
  • When to stop looking & researching?
  • Hours of wasted time
  • Search and never find a truly lowest price.

Whether it's your time, money or both.