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Tire Sniffer DIRECT

Pre-Negotiated Lowest Tire Prices - GUARANTEED.

  • Tire Sniffer DIRECT is your very own personal tire shopper.
  • We get tire consumers the absolute best price on 80+ brands & 50K tires WITHOUT them having to do any of the dirty work.
  • Get the tire you want @ the lowest price and spend no time searching & shopping around for it.

The path to Tire Shopping Bliss in 3 Steps

  1. Find a tire on
  2. Click to request our guaranteed lowest price
  3. Call to verify & setup your installation - Go get your tires!
  • The most time consuming part of tire shopping is trying to find out who carries the tire, acquiring prices & deciding where to go.
  • You don't need to do any of those things:
    We get you the GUARANTEED lowest price for ANY TIRE!

KEEP THIS IN MIND:  Every hour that you "do-it-yourself" is another hour of wasted TIME.

In Pictures:
Request Your Price in :30sec

1. Select your tire on
( Need help establishing a budget? Easy - learn how )

*You will need to create an account to unlock our Avg. Price Feature & to view your price request info in your dashboard.

2. Click on a tire's "Sniff Your Price" button & submit your price request - DONE

*We scan over 20+ online retailers, local major tire chains & mom n' pop shops sniffing out your Guaranteed Lowest Tire Price.

Results Page

Results Page

Offer Request Lightbox

Verify > Accept > Install

  • Your Tire Sniffer DIRECT Price is delivered to you in your dashboard.

- Click your username in the upper right corner.
- *We notify you via email when your PRICE is ready - typically within
   10 minutes or less.

  • Call us at the # provided to verify your fitment & setup your installation with one of our local service providers.

*Payment made at local service provider after the job is complete.

Offer details section in your user dashboard - Click your username in the top right corner.

Offer details section in your user dashboard - Click your username in the top right corner.


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