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TOP 5 Best: All-Season Low Cost Light Truck Tires ~ 2016

For those heavy duty 3/4 + ton work trucks & vehicles, the LT (light truck) tire literally carries the weight and a lot more.  The Low-Cost All-Season Light Truck Tire market is priced within the $100 - $150 dollar price per tire range.  Just because a consumer looks to the Low-Cost product markets does not mean they must settle for a crappy/low quality tire because...  Tire Sniffer's Low-Cost All-Season Light Truck Tires list is here cutting right to the chase handin' out our best-of-the-bunch suggestions so consumers can skip an unsure & inferior choice and confidently jump right into a significantly better but similarly priced (to the crappy) product.

The LT designation represents the tires specific ability to manage the size, weight and towing functions of heavy duty vehicles delivering performance while doing so.  The internal construction of an LT tire means the tire has a load range C or higher.  Each load range letter refers to a predetermined load carrying capacity.

*FYI:  LT tires are typically put on 3/4 ton vehicle applications. The LT size market is more expensive than an equally sized passenger P-Metric tire due to it's increased materials makeup.

1.  Cooper Discoverer HT3

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PROS:  Crisp Handling | Tread-life | American Company
CONS:  Upper end cost in the low-cost category

The Discover HT3 gives its drivers their best bang for their buck.  Even thought it is priced in the upper end of the low-cost spectrum, it is still priced low enough to blow its four closest competitors out of the water.

As an LT tire, it needs to be a workhorse.  The Discover HT3's tread design combats irregular wear associated with the constant turning, stopping and starting of commercial vehicles.  Spearheading the anti treadwear assault is its continuous shoulder rib and silica tread compound allowing for consistent grip in a wider than normal temperature range.  Solid handling is provided by the 3D Micro-Guage siping and interlocking tread elements.

** 50K mile standard limited warranty treadwear protection.

2.  Mastercraft Courser LTR

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PROS:  Tread-life | Price | American Company | Quiet ride

Byproduct of Cooper AND American made!  The Courser LTR doesn't have any issues reaching its 40K mileage expectancy.  The low price for this tire makes it hard to beat.

With the Courser LTR, drivers are getting outstanding all-season performance at value prices.  It is the most aggressive patterned tread of the bunch thus, if you're in an off-road situation, the Courser will be your best performer.  For that constant grip and consistent treadwear, the Courser LTR runs a wider tread footprint with a dual radius tread arc.

**40K mile limited warranty treadwear protection.

3.  Falken Wild Peak H/T

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PROS:  Handling | Dry and wet traction

Falken has delivered an exceptional wet weather tire in the Wild Peak H/T with Multi-Wave siping and four over-sized circumferential grooves expelling water for a proven reduction in hydroplaning resistance.  A 5 rib, symmetric non-directional tread design blesses drivers with the ability to cross rotate to avoid irregular wear while optimizing comfort and handling.  Variable pitched shoulders further enhance the all-season performance with main point to decrease tire noise.

** 60K mile limited treadwear warranty
** 30 day ride guarantee
** Japanese company

4.  Hankook Dynapro HT RH12

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PROS:  Dry traction | Steering responsive
CONS:  Wet traction could be better

If a tire were a boxer that could take a beating, the Dynapro HT RH12 would be it.  It uses an environment friendly compound called LPAH (low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) increasing endurance (mileage) preventing cuts, chips and abrasions and enhancing braking.  Heavy duty vehicles encounter routine abuse such as high impacts which the Dynapro HT RH12 overcomes with a reinforced under-tread protection layer and high-tensile strength rubber sidewalls.  Elevation climbing gets some attention with a reinforced carcass and rubber gauge helping those hill climbs and steering stability.  Wet and snow conditions have drivers covered with multi-depth lateral lugs.  Further increased snow and all-season traction is provided by snow kerfs running in between each of the circumferential high stiffness center blocks which delivers improved steering response.  A knockout tire.

** 40K treadwear mileage warranty
** Korean company/made

5.  GT Radial Savero HT2

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PROS:  Rolling resistance, handling, wet traction | Tremendous value in certain sizes.
CONS:  Sometimes a bit overpriced.

Considering how amazing a price this tire can be had for combined with its features and actualized performance, it's a worthy contender in our TOP 5.  In the tire retail world, drivers routinely tout the Savero HT2 as delivering matchless handling in dry and wet conditions.  Like the other top contenders, a 4 channel circumferential groove design to expel water and fight the hydroplaning battle was prudently implemented as well as the 5-rib tread pattern for great handling and control with the road.  Their tread block design successfully reduces road noise to boot.  Again, it's a tire that delivers real world results - which no amount of mumbo jumbo can make up for.

** 40K treadwear mileage warranty

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