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TOP 10 Best: All Terrain Mid - High Cost Tires ~ 2016

$150 - $300 | per tire price range

  Compare PRICE & PERFORMANCE of these Top 10 Best All Terrain Mid - High Cost Light Truck.  * ex 265/75R16

You see them on all the cool trucks. They're shredding the hills, hammering trails and climbing over all that rugged terrain. But what all-terrain (A/T) tires are worth your consideration? What tires kick ass and pack a wicked performance punch? Our TOP 10 Mid - High Cost All-Terrain Tires list unveils the best of the bunch. Priced in the $150 - $300 per tire range, A/T tires will handle on and of road terrain year round in all weather conditions. From gnarly off roading to the casual weekend camper & daily driver or if you just like that all-terrain tire look (which many do) picking up a set of these premium A/T tires will tackle those needs, rougher weather and manage towing.

1.  BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A K02

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PROS:  Four seasons traction | Treadwear | Mountain driving | Snow/Winter | Towing
CONS:  So popular that you will see most vehicles equipped with these

Building off of the success of the wildly popular, now discontinued All Terrain T/A K0, the K02 was beefed up with almost 25% stronger sidewalls and longer on & off-road tread life.  A bona fide all-season tire, it is a validated winter & snow performer specifically designed to provide high levels of traction on wet, slush, snow and ice.  BFGoodrich's proven CoreGard technology battles road hazard type impacts and conditions.  Computerized object deflection, ejection and clean-out tread design, thicker sidewall rubber and extended shoulder rubber combat road hazards.

Extended wear is provided by a distinctly concocted tread compound minimizing rips and chips on rocky roads and an optimized contact patch more evenly dispersing stress across the tire for equal wear.  The ultra-aggressive look is a highly functional, purpose serving design: 3D locking sipes for more biting edges in snow, mud-phobic bars liberate mud buildup, serrated staggered shoulders and extended sidewall blocks increase navigation and traction in soft/rocky, wet, snowy terrain.  When it's all said and done, the All Terrain T/A K02 is the bees knees.

** 6 year limited warranty

2.  Michelin LTX A/T2

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Michelin ~ LTX A/T2

PROS:  Wears like iron for heavy trucks | Very quiet
CONS:  No dedicated sidewall shoulder blocks

Michelin tires come standard on a lot of the 3/4 - 1 ton trucks.  Many outfit them with the LTX A/T2 and for good reason; it delivers!  One of the most popular characteristics of an all-terrain tire is road noise due to more aggressive tread patterns.  With its unique all-terrain tread pattern, the LTX A/T2 implements Michelin's Comfort Control Technology working like magic (computerized wizardry) to counter road noise and vibrations. It is the quietest A/T in our Top 10.

Treadwear is at the top of the LTX A/T2's priority list.  Its enhanced tread makeup thwarts tread degeneration from typically encountered LT conditions such as gravel.  Water is effectively evacuated by 3 circumferential grooves for a reduction in hydroplaning and tall tread blocks with Michelin biting edges claw for grip in all four season conditions.  A complete A/T badass that's ultra quite = WIN!

** 60K mile & 6 year limited warranty

3.  Goodyear Wrangler All Terrain Adventure w/Kevlar

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Goodyear ~ Wrangler All Terrain Adventure with Kevlar

PROS:  Steering responsive | Winter performance
CONS:  Slightly rough ride | High price tag

What's your agenda?  Drivers who want matchless strength & performance and the Adventure All Terrain w/ Kevlar are a perfect match.  It sets the bar high for LT tires as a mighty adaptable tire suitable for on & off-road conditions.  Eating up rain, snow & mud comes easy thanks to a spacious tread pattern.  Sidewall safety gets a boost with Durawall Technology.  And, the Kevlar?  Well that's the special sauce in this tire:  There is a layer of DuPont Kevlar brawn and on LT tires there are 2 layers of it and 30% more steel!  While the tire is heavier and rides a tad rough (due to the Kevlar) it handles the most severe terrain with utter perfection.  So again, what's your agenda - ON/Off-road domination or...?

** 60K mile limited tread life warranty
** Tire replacement limited warranty
** 30-Day Goodyear Pledge

4.  Toyo Open Country A/T II

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PROS:  Popular tread-style | Wet traction
CONS:  Road noise could see improvement | No white letter option

The Open Country A/T II has knocked it outta the park with its enticing tread & visual style.  A little bit like love-at-first-sight occurs when drivers see this tire.  However, it is not a superficial attraction but its boldly aggressive design seduces drivers with its all-season performance and high treadwear.

It's a tire with many curves and part of its noted tread design is due to polygonal blocks and zigzag sipes for those snowy rendezvous and roomy block spacing provides added snow and solid mud/dirt performance.  Stones are discharged by special stone-ejection blocks while Tie Bars supply block stabilization, combat irregular wear and strengthen braking in dry conditions.  Don't try to break its heart as its wear-resistant tread concoction thwarts any attempt.  Its a true she wolf.

The LT Open Country A/T II version implements regular sized scalloped shoulders while Xtreme sizes rock the deep-scalloped shoulder and even taller tread depths.

** 50K mile limited treadwear warranty (LT versions)
** No-Regrets 45 day / 500 mile trial offer
** Japanese product & USA made

5.  Firestone Destination A/T

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PROS:  Inexpensive | Wet traction | Tread-wear
CONS:  Road noise needs improvement | Winter performance could be better

Value goes a long way, and that, combined with great performance, puts the Destination A/T at #5.  If 'Firestone' elicits media induced nightmares of the 90's, you need to get a hold of yourself.  Firestone has been an above quality product for years.  So, now that you've got your head right, here's why the Destination A/T deserves your consideration:

LT drivers LOVE this tire, period.  Firestone used their CO-CS (Computer Optimized Component System) to assemble just the right amount of materials, construction, tread design and casing shape in pursuit of a terrific final product.  With strength on the brain, a spiral nylon wrap & steel belts establish its internal strength and shape longevity and Long Link Carbon pumping up treadwear with an aversion to taking on chip & rip damage.  A single unbroken cable bead, O-Bead, refines uniformity and a continuous center rib holds down wet and dry acceleration/braking traction quality. 

Firestone's Destination A/T is one of those tires that, in the real world, just works and works well.

** Buy and Try 30 day guarantee
** Gold Pledge limited warranty


6.  Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3

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Mickey Thompson ~ Baja ATZ P3

PROS:  Quiet for the aggressive tread design | Responsive in all weather conditions

Deliberately aggressive yet refined for practicality, the Baja ATZ P3 shares its love for weekend play and weekday business.  It sports a wide contact patch for sure-footedness in all conditions.  When the times get tough, PowerPly implements a 3-ply sidewall construction and sidebiters for grip and protection you can count on.  The elements will try and compact themselves into a tire's tread however, multi-draft grooves fend off the assault by simple self-cleaning.  Mickey Thompson equips the Baja ATZ P3 with an improved rubber compoundfor additional resistance to rip and tear assaults.

** Standard manufacturer's limited warranty

7.  BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A

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BF Goodrich ~ Rugged Terrain T/A

PROS:  Mountain driving | Towing | Cheaper than #1 BFG K02 | Tread-wear | Dry & wet traction
CONS:  Not as appealing a design as #1 BFG K02 (some may prefer this)

A best of both worlds application, like #6, the Rugged Terrain T/A tames down the muscular look of its partner in crime the #1 BFG Ko2.  However, it's got a different agenda - Burly looks and performance with refinement for highway driving.  With a 2-ply polyester shell, BFG builds in their twisted nylon wrapped ETEC (Equal Tension Containment System) fortifying its dual steel belt's foundation.  Computer-optimized alternating sized tread blocks fight the good fight against road noise.  Two circumferential grooves remove water treating hydroplane.  Huge outer shoulder blocks drape onto the sidewalls extending its gripping abilities in loose conditions.  White or black lettering can be reversed thanks to its symmetrical tread pattern design.

** 50K mile / 6 year limited treadwear warranty

8.  Nitto Terra Grappler G2

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Nitto ~ Terra Grappler G2

PROS:  Treadwear good for light and heavy duty applications
CONS:  Well accepted tread style | Not so well accepted sidewall design

We mentioned value being a major factor when considering a tire - The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 is yet another esteemed TOP 10 contender with such a virtue.  Many a driver vouches for the Grappler G2 - Built by Toyo and American made, it's not so hard to keep from tossing on a set.

Maybe it's because it'll give you successful performance on any terrain as a commuter or an off-road warrior.  Maybe it's because treadwear longevity is a reality thanks in part to the coupling joints that reinforce & connect the outer and inner tread blocks amplifying edge rigidity.  It could be the center block's full depth sipes and staggered shoulder luges dishing out more biting edges.  Or it might just be it's computer-optimized alternating sized tread blocks hushing highway hum/road noise.  Throw in your choice of 2 sidewall designs (OG thunderbolt pattern or the new "blade" design) and you've got yourself a bad mofo all-terrain tire.  Nitto is using its all new tread compound to fully deliver the Grappler G2's ability to go the distance as well as offer, for the first time, a treadwear warranty because of it.

** 50K mile limited treadwear warranty (LT tires)

9.  General Grabber AT2

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PROS:  Tread pattern cleans itself well | Winter traction
CONS:  Inconsistent treadwear | Not recommended on heavy duty

General has been finding its products on our Mid - High Cost TOP performers lists because they make great s*** found at great prices!  The Grabber AT2 must have an aversion of staying dirty because it sure cleans itself of the elements really well.  Horizontal lines run at the bottom of the tread developing air pockets so that the tread can clean itself.  At first look, one might suspect the Grabber AT2 to be quite a loud mouth while driving however, that is quite the opposite.  Its tread design has been graced by computer enhancement optimizing its tread blocks shape and size for a fairly quite, even wearing ride.  It's got a good rep for its winter traction accumen and awarded (for some sizes) the snowflake/mountain symbol by the RMA and RAC.  The Grabber AT2 is outfitted to accept #13 metal studs taking its ice grip to conquer Mount Everest (not that there's a road to the top, but if there were...)

At #9, we would've ranked General Tire's Grabber AT2 higher if it saw more consistent treadwear and ride quality on heavy duty applications.  Still, no slouch and a totally bad ass tire.

** 30 Day Trial

10.  Yokohama Geolandar AT/S

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Yokohama ~ Geolandar A/T-S

PROS:  Treadwear | Dry traction
CONS:  Road noise | Year round traction not as good as its contenders

The Geolandar AT/S toots its treadwear and handling horn admirably with several unique technologies.  No other tire on the list digs as deep into distinctly reshaping treadblocks as Yokohama has with the Geolandar AT/S.  Their rounded edge tread pattern specifically fights uneven wear by softening the contact between 2 inner rows of circumferential tread and the ground.  Pyramid shaped sipes pair up on consecutive shoulder blocks ensuring firmness and treadwear. Add in Yokohama's application of their silica compound technology as the core contributor to consistent and extended treadwear and you've created a long-lasting treadwear monster.  Durability and handling of heavy loads are provided by its 3-ply casing.  Multi-stepped grooves notched in the sides of the shoulder blocks grant better handling in soft, loose ground.  Large tread blocks round out the handling effectively by stabilizing the tire at highway speeds.  Did we mention this tire has great treadwear and handling?

** Up to 50K mile limited treadwear warranty
** Yokohama 30-Day Performance Promise

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