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TOP 10 Best: All-Season Mid - High Cost Passenger Tires ~ 2016

$100 - $250 | per tire price range

  Compare PRICE & PERFORMANCE of these Top 10 Best All-Season Mid - High Cost Passenger Tires.  * ex 225/45R17

The mid - high cost tire markets are for those tire consumers who's priorities lie more with safety and how a tire drives & performs than budget. The mid - high cost all-season tire market starts around $100 moving up to $250 per tire depending on size. Premium tire brands/manufacturers are using the highest quality natural rubber and building in the best technology into the tire's function such as computerized siping, fuel efficiency, unique build structures and include the highest mileage warranties/expectancies to provide their customers with the absolute best in product performance.

Just like the low-cost tire market, the choices are vast and can actually present an even more challenging selection process than the low-cost markets. These are the tires that make the cut on our TOP 10 Mid - High Cost All Season tire list and are worth your consideration.

** All-season tires are not meant to be heavy winter weather performers. They are designed to provided balanced wet/dry performance, light snow traction in regions with lighter winter conditions.
** A tire's performance/expereince will vary from one vehicle to the next. The lists highligh the best performing tires based on driver satisfaction, retailer feedback & Tire Sniffer experience.
** Like any top performer list there is room for discussion. Start with our lists and sort as you see fit.

1.  Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

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Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

PROS:  All weather traction | Exceptional handling | Quiet ride

If you want the best, this it.  A "Green Product" with a 70K mileage expectancy, reduced braking distance and an eye for fuel efficiency - this model delivers in spectacular form.  Drivers enjoy a measurable decrease in external and internal road noise thanks to a pitch sequenced & phase optimized tread design.  It is littered with horizontal siping for enhanced safety and stability in all-weather / wet conditions including diminished breaking distances.  The innovative 4-grooved, water evacuating tread pattern and lower rolling resistance result in astronomically higher, realized treadwear and fuel consumption.  From its genetics to its performance, there's nothing the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus does not excel at.

** 70K mile limited treadwear warranty

2.  Michelin Premier A/S

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Michelin Premier A/S

PROS:  Dry/wet/snow traction | Ride quality | Handling
CONS:  Tread-life is a bit inconsistent

This tire carries the slogan, "safe when new, safe when worn" and for good reason.  The Premier A/S is the first to introduce siping and re-groove technology where new grooves hidden in the tire emerge as the tire wears down.  With expanding rain grooves that widen over time, wet braking performance does not diminish as the tire wears. 

High levels of silica in the tire compound give it remarkable wet grip and sunflower oil keeps the tire flexible in cold temperature.  All this combined allows the tire to stop shorter and even better when worn compared to competitors new tires.  Drivers get great traction for the entire life of the tire.

** 60K / 6 year limited treadwear warranty

3.  Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus

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Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus

PROS:  Tread-life | Wet traction & hydroplaning resistance | Dry traction & cornering.

As the name implies, the P4 Four Seasons Plus is a touring tire dedicated to perform year round in all four seasons.  It's brewed with over 18 cutting-edge ingredients forming an advanced silica compound. An optimized tread pattern that implements angle-shifting grooves and an unbroken center rib for enhanced handling combine with reinforced sidewalls & shoulders for uniform wear that blend together giving it a mammoth 90K mile expectancy/limited treadwear warranty.  2 circumferential grooves give water the boot for consistent control in wet weather and hydroplaning conditions.

Enhanced comfort, handling and low rolling resistant = fuel efficiency make the P4 Four Seasons Plus and long trips a perfect match.

** 90K limited treadwear warranty (T rated)

4.  Continental TrueContact

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Continental TrueContact

PROS:  All weather traction | Ride comfort | Very quiet | Rolling resistance | Great value due to lower cost
CONS:  Handling might be its only mentionble soft spot.

The Continental TrueContact has a prime focus on fuel efficiency, treadwear and wet braking.  This tire implements their EcoPlus technology delivering at-the-pump savings and extra safety in snow and rain thanks to specially formulated compounds.  ComfortRide technology equips the tire for a comfortable, smooth ride.  Oh, and let's not forget to mention the 90K limited treadwear warranty!

** 90K limited treadwear warranty

5.  Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

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Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

PROS:  Dry Traction | Wet traction | Quiet ride
CONS:  Deep snow & ice

A straight shooting, solid touring tire.  As mentioned, it's a strong performer in wet and dry conditions making it great for all seasons and is well know for its comfortable and quite ride.  Warrantied for up to 80K miles is a nice perk thanks to Bridgestone's proprietary polymer technology.  They've addressed tread pattern noise reduction by way of Renoa Silencer Grooves which trap sound in tread pattern elements.  The Turanza Serenity Plus is also an Eco Efficiency tire including the use of environmentally conscious materials.

** 80K limited treadwear warranty
** 30-Day Buy and Try Guarantee

6.  Toyo Versado NOIR

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Toyo Versado NOIR

PROS:  Quiet ride quality | Steering responsive | Square profile | Great value due to low cost

Toyo comes out of the gate hard with this premium all-season luxury touring tire for both sedans and coups..  An innovative tread design featuring multi-wave sipes fight off irregular wear and benefits snow traction.  And, if snow is a regularly encountered driving condition, the Versado NOIR features higher sipe density on the inside tread for more biting edges.  New silica compounds come together to deliver enhanced fuel economy, wet performance and increased tread life.  Toyo's Silent Ride Technology knocks it out of the park by reducing pipe resonance for that highly desired quiet ride.

** Up to a 75k limited mileage warranty depending on the speed rating of the tire (H,V or W)
** A 45 day/500 mile trial backs up your purchase.

7.  Goodyear Assurance ComforTred

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Goodyear Assurance Comfortred

PROS:  Dry traction/wet traction | Ride quality | Cornering | Tread-life
CONS:  Ice traction is average

If handling in an all-season tire trips your trigger, the Assurance ComforTred delivers with ComfortEdge technology and an asymmetrical tread pattern.  This tire is in fact, extremely 'comfortable'.  Goodyear introduced their ComfortLayer technology which is a thin layer of padding in the construction of the tire assisting in the ride quality.  And, what good would an epic all-season tire with mad technology be if it didn't perform like a beast in wet driving conditions.  Wide circumferential grooves clear out water from the tread enhancing traction like a boss.

** 80k limited treadwear warranty

8.  General Altimax RT43

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General Altimax RT43

PROS:  Dry & wet traction | Quiet | Great value due to low cost
CONS:  Rolling resistance

Tire Sniffer considers the Altimax RT43 to be one of the best values out there. It is markedly cheaper than its competitors AND its North American made!  We truly love this tire.  With Incredible value and packed with technology, the Altimax RT43 has all the goodies consumers expect from a premium touring tire and more.

Unless you take care of a tire with routine rotations, balances and alignments, the "limited mileage warranty" of any tire will be void.  General's unique Early Warning Visual Alignment Indicator on the tire shows if they are misaligned.  Because, all it takes is a reminder.  Low Surface Abrasion technology extends treadwear and tread life.  When a tire's life is nearing its end, the Integrated Replacement Tire Monitor is your visual, queuing when the tire is ready to be replaced.  There is no substitute for safety.  Peak Anti Slip Design technology increases the number of biting edges increases traction on slippery roads.  This is a proactive, value-tech packed tire that plays in the big leagues with the best of em'.

** 75k mile limited warranty (T rated)  |  65K mile limited warranty (H & V rated)
** 45 day trial period

9.  Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All Season

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Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All Season

PROS:  Dry/Wet traction | Tread-life
CONS:  Ice traction is average | Road noise could be improved

The Assurance TripleTred All Season tire features 3 unique tread zones: wet, dry & ice.

1. Water is cleared away from the tread with a sweeping tread patterned 'water zone'2. Assertive handling is provided compliments of the large tread blocks along the outer edges located in the 'dry zone'.  3. Rounding out this tire's all-season awesomeness is the 'ice zone' which increases the amount of biting edges boosting traction on those slick, icy roads.  Traction grooves that adapt to the natural wear of a tire preserve its heralded wet traction in snow and rain.

** 80K mile limited treadwear warranty

10.  BFGoodrich Advantage T/A

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PROS:  Square profile holds up very well in mountain driving | Tread-life | Dry traction | Handling
CONS:  Winter conditions are average

Comfort, treadwear and high speed performance (ETEC filament reinforcement system) lift this tire up into our Top 10.  A good amount of tech can be found in the Advantage T/A such as a non-directional tread pattern, circumferential grooves & g-Grip sipe technology.  BFG's g-Wedge stabilizer feature (H&V rated only) built into the sidewall boosts lateral stability, steering and response giving those spirited drivers their demanded performance.

Though wintry weather, like snow & ice, isn't its strongest suit, it performs phenomenally in wet driving conditions with a dedicated water clearing tread design.

** 75k mile limited warranty depending on tire's speed ration (T or H & V)

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