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TOP 10 Best: All-Season High Performance Tires ~ 2016

$125 - $300 | per tire price range

  Compare PRICE & PERFORMANCE of these Top 10 Best All-Season High Performance Tires.  * ex 225/45R17

So you're looking to spend some extra coin to get a solid product but you definitely want to make sure you're getting just that and not a top-dollar under-performer? Our TOP 10 High Performance All-Season Tires List of 2016 unbiasedly handles the "if I were you" scenario by ranking scores of models based on realized performance & value so that you can make a best decision without buyers remorse or squandering time.

Priced in the $125 - $200 range, high performance all-season tires are going to be products that are rated for speeds of 149 mph and above. Their performance in dry, wet and light winter conditions are top notch (better than their lower quality peers) with more trusted treadwear across a wider range of vehicles. Their genetics, tread patterns/technology/ structure, are the best-of-the-best geared for enthusiastic drivers who want all-year traction.

** All-season tires are not meant to be heavy winter weather performers. They are designed to provided balanced wet/dry performance, light snow traction in regions with lighter winter conditions.
** A tire's performance/expereince will vary from one vehicle to the next. The lists highligh the best performing tires based on driver satisfaction, retailer feedback & Tire Sniffer experience.
** Like any top performer list there is room for discussion. Start with our lists and sort as you see fit.

1.  BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 A/S

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BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 A/S

PROS:  All year traction | Quiet | Stiff sidewall

Touted as BFG's 'best ultra high performance all-season tire...ever', the g-Force Sport COMP-2 A/S snags the #1 spot for 2016.  This tire is a true giver: It's loaded with technology and the price is on point.  Starting out with a highly flexible silica compound ensures its traction is never compromised in extreme high and low temperatures.  The large-blocked V-shaped directional tread pattern runs beveled edges and wide grooves for greater snow retention (=winter traction) and water clearing (=hydroplane resistance).  BFG's G-Force Tread is a performance profile at heart, dispersing stress consistently over its rigid-blocked contact patch for harder acceleration & aggressive cornering traction while fighting irregular wear.

Underneath those good looks sits a foundation built for performance.  The ETEC system (equal tension containment system) sits just under the tread reinforcing its traction at higher speeds.  And underneath the ETEC is BFG's Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) focusing on ride comfort while further fortifying its core - like a nice set of abs!  If that's not enough, g-Control sidewall inserts bolster lateral support unifying its forward and turning strength. 

Owned by Michelin, BFG gets the added bonus of its mutual relationship when taking care of any warranties/defects.

** 45K mile / 6 year limited treadwear warranty

2.  Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

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ExtremeContact DWS06

PROS:  Winter traction is best of the list | Tread-life | Road noise | Popular Asymmetrical design
CONS:  Firm ride (some may like this)

The DWS06 is the prodige of the incredibly successful DWS (Dry Wet Snow) thus, it's no surprise she's sitting atop the list in high fashion.  What do you do to a tire that's already a beast, especially in light snow (DWS)?  Well, Continental developed a technology specific to taking increased mileage/traction expectancy, handling and wet/dry traction to a whole new level with their SportPlus Technology.  The DWS06 also gets X-Sipes technology and Traction Grooves for increased ice/snow/wet while cornering/braking/accelerating and even better snow traction with more pattern edges respectively. 

The DWS06 likes to be well maintained:  Its Alignment Verification System will let drivers know when to check the vehicles alignment and the Quickview Indicators located in the tread showthe letters D(ry) W(et) S(now) to inform of the tire's peak performance levels.  The Europeans know how to engineer a damn good performance product.

** 50K mile limited treadwear warranty
** 60 day trial
** 3 year complimentary flat tire roadside assistance (up to 150 miles free)

3.  Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All Season

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Eagle F1 All Season

PROS:  Steering response | Dry traction | Handling
CONS:  Winter traction could use improvement

A consistent brad atop many of our Top 5/10 lists, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All Season swoops in at #3 with its proven responsiveness and handling across all seasons.  Its asymmetrical tread pattern not only provides the basis for race inspired performance, it evacuates water and slosh admirably for that Goodyear-wet-weather traction.  The tread pattern features 2 dedicated zones, Dry & Wet/All-Season.  The more rubber on the road the better which is how the outside dry zone delivers its superior dry traction performance with beefy shoulder tread blocks.  The inner circumferential blocks team up together fighting your wet weather battles and spirited turns with its micro-grooved TredLock technology biting the road like a gang of piranhas.  Goodyear's Eagle F1 line has its RaceWrap Construction Technology to thank for its superior handling/steering response as it implements a particular angle wrapped sidewall construction dedicated to those characteristics.

** 45K mile limited treadwear warranty
** 30 Day Goodyear Pledge

4.  Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3

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Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3

PROS:  Wet traction | Hydroplaning resistance | Smooth ride
CONS:  Poor winter traction | Inconsistent treadwear

Don't let the cons harbor hesitation.  Its winter traction may be a bit off the mark especially compared to some of the other beastly candidates on this list, but its claim to fame here is its stellar dry & wet performance and incidentally smooth ride.  Killing 2 stones with one bird, Variable thickness sipes are your biting edges of glory in wet conditions while clamming together in dry conditions.  Michelin has a thing for putting their sunflower oil in the rubber compound specific to low temp grip enhancement while their silica compound covers your cold to high temp extremes for unwavering traction consistency especially in wet weather.  The above mentioned technologies magically come together providing drivers with shorter than its competitors in wet/dry braking.

** 45K mile / 6 year limited treadwear warranty

5.  Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

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Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

PROS:  Predictable handling for mountain driving | Treadwear

Refined, sophisticated, actionable vehicles look for an equal partner, each enhancing the capabilities of one another - sort of like a great marriage.  The potenza RE970AS Pole Position is a desirably eligible suitor for sporty coupes, refined sports car & geared-up sedans looking to merge speed potential with 4 seasons of phenomenal grip.  Its contact patch that smartly disperses the work load across its footprint pledges longevity.  Silica does a body good for handling those moody extreme cold/hot temperatures.  The flexibility to switch directions on a dime with confidence is no sweat for the continuous center rib which keeps constant contact with the ground, perfect for mountain driving. 3D siping & 3D stealth blocks cover those 100 to 0 mph braking situations and provide for an all around happy coupling between machine and road, respectively.

** Up to 40K mile limited treadwear warranty
** Buy & Try 30 Day Guarantee
** Platinum Pact limited warranty

6.  Yokohama Advan Sport A/S

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PROS:  Exceptionally quiet | Wet traction | Lateral traction

Spirited driving involves a regular dose of higher speed sweeping turns, hairpins and hard cornering and that is exactly what the Advan Sport A/S prefers.  By shifting the size of the tread blocks, you'll have the spirit of the samurai warrior with its 4-Pitch tread variation keeping your ride quiet as you maneuver down the road (Yokohama is a Japanese tire mfg after all).  From the outside in, its beefy shoulder blocks ensure that killer cornering ability we mentioned.  Next in line are the 2 in 1 circumferential blocks further augmenting its lateral abilities by boosting block rigidity.  An all-season tire wouldn't be much of a warrior if it couldn't handle the wet stuff with masterful proficiency.  A blend of serpentine & straight grooves channel water out of the tread for surefooted traction and wavy sipes bolster edge control.  The success of the Advan Sport A/S lies within its genetics provided by Yokohama's advanced compound with optimized footprint providing overall better all-season handling and treadwear.  A total agile warrior.

** Up to 50K mile limited treadwear warranty (depending on speed rating and staggered applications)
** 30 Day satisfaction guarantee trial

7.  Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season

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Eagle Sport All Season

PROS:  Responsive steering | Treadwear
CONS:  Inconsistent road noise on some vehicles

If the #3 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All Season is a tad bit out of your budget, you'll find the Eagle Sport All Season to be a fantastic alternative as the two siblings share the traits of killer handling and steering response with a couple unique traits that make it all its own.  Goodyear's Eagle F1 line has its RaceWrap Construction Technology to thank for superior handling/steering response as it implements a particular angle wrapped sidewall construction dedicated to those characteristics.  The Eagle Sport All Season tackles all-season goodness with an asymmetrical, circumferential tread pattern ensuring stress is evenly dispersed across the footprint for high treadwear and handling with terrific H20 dismissal.  Piranha like grip lasts the entirety of the tires life thanks full depth tread sipes.  And, because the Eagle Sport All Season has a touch of vanity, it rocks a rim protector making sure it keeps its good looks on point.

** 50K mile / 6 year limited treadwear warranty

8.  General G-MAX AS-03

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PROS:  Great lateral traction | Consistent tread life
CONS:  Aggressive tread style can lead to depreciated ride quality as the tire ages

Seems like our Top 5 / 10 lists wouldn't be complete without a General in the bunch; the G-Max AS-03 earns its keep.  The symmetrical V shaped tread pattern moves out from the unbroken center rib toward the shoulders channeling out water, resisting hydroplaning and locking down traction with positive performance in light snow conditions.  General's patented 3-D interlocking sipe technology link tread blocks together promoting increasing all-season traction in dry/wet and light snow.  Additional winter condition traction is found with Strake Groove Technology baring a fury of biting edges.  Weather intended or not, the G-MAX AS-03 is real-life lateral traction machine that gives long life.  A bit of manicuring promotes healthy tread life thus, Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM) & Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI) keep an eye on misalignment and treadwear conditions.

**  40K mile limited treadwear warranty
**  45 day trial

9.  Hankook Ventus S1 noble2

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Hankook Ventus S1 noble2

PROS:  Low cost price point | Dry traction | Cornering
CONS:  Treadwear is inconsistent

Geared towards comfort with high performance and VALUE in mind, the Ventus S1 noble2 hangs with the big boys packing a hefty amount of tech, to boot.  Hankook sets up the Ventus for success with a solid foundation:  A continuous bead strand, hardened bead filler, 2 wide steel belts and a new silica tread compound deliver everything from durability & sidewall rigidity to elevated handling & lower rolling resistance.

The tread pattern offers up a few more goodies:  Tread blocks are kept tight with tie-bar technology.  Its 3-D Shoulder Kerfs keep their shape over typical 2-D kerfs and deliver allow for exceptional cornering ability.  The tire is kept quiet by optimal arrangement of its 5 circumferential tread rows and a continuous cornering and noise Reduction Rib that barricades the inner edge of the shoulder silences road noise with added cornering traction.  Running parallel to that is a 'Positive Aqua Hydro Block' developed by 3-D hydroplaning simulation increasing wet braking while combating hydroplane.

** 50K mile limited treadwear warranty

10.  Kumho Ecsta PA31

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Kumho Ecsta PA31

PROS:  Semi-aggressive tread pattern | Low cost price point | Road noise
CONS:  Tread wear inconsistent

Like its #9 Korean brother, there's always a great find(s) lurking amongst the crowd and we've spotlighted Kumho's Ecsta PA31 because of its sheer value as a performer and price.  Engineered for mid-level sports cars and sedans, it is a realized dry & wet weather performer combining those traits with low road noise and comfort gives drivers a killer value in the high performance tire markets.  Its directional tread pattern hands out tasty amounts of quality all-season steering response, cornering, acceleration & breaking traction.  Adding to its high concern for responsiveness is Kumho's ESCOT Technology that optimizes cord tension throughout the sidewalls.  Successfully producing a tire that keeps its road noise to a minimum can be tricky, though with variable shoulder blocks, the entire life of the tire can be enjoyed peacefully.

** 50K mile limited treadwear warranty

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