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As a consumer, if you're ever going to get the best tire and or the best deal, tire shoppers must have access to ALL their tire options, not just some.  There are more brands out there than the Goodyears and Michelins of the world, many of whom offer great tire products at a tremendous value - the trick is finding them.

Not a problem!  The Tire Sniffer platform encompasses over 80+ brands & 50 thousand tires to discover, research, compare and view retail tire prices for.  Get the best tire for your dollars while keeping more money in your wallet and time on your clock. You deserve it!


"Tire Sniffer presents over 80 brands to research, compare and shop. With full model
lineups from major tire brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental and Goodyear to
non-major brands like Cooper, Firestone, General and Hankook, Tire Sniffer provides
an ultra accelerated tire shopping experience putting money back in your pocket and
time back on your clock.  Happy Tire Sniffing!"