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Understanding A Tire's Value

To truly WIN at tire shopping, buying the best VALUE trumps buying the lowest price.

But how does one find the best value?  Well, if you're using the Tire Sniffer platform, discovering a tire's value is exactly what you'll find.

Value defined: What you are getting for what you are paying for.

Beware:  Do NOT be entirely fixated on the PRICE and only the price.

Example :  A Tight Budget:

  • To save money, you want the cheapest product available.  BUT, you do not want a ‘bad’ product.
  • Let us say that $45 was a ‘cheapest’ tire.  It'll be an unknown overseas brand without mileage warranties.  The Tire Sniffer Grade is a C-(minus). 
  • As you research with Tire Sniffer, you find that you can obtain a tire for $5 more dollars AND with that, it has a 40k mile warranty, better traction,
  • Longer life and will give you more satisfaction as a whole.  THIS is discovering value.   Your dollar is better used spending the $20 additional dollars.


Being fixated on price is where you will get into trouble.   In the tire world, you have no concept of quality with the ‘going cheapest’ approach.  Do not fall prey to a cheaper tire being ‘better’.  Despite what you may have heard otherwise. 


Misconception:  You think you are saving money over the more ‘expensive’ tire.    

Fact:  VALUE is:  What you are getting with what you are paying for.

  • The old adage, “You get what you pay for”, is entirely true with tires.
  • You may save by going cheap now but you’ll have to buy sooner.  By going ‘cheaper’ you will only experience temporary savings.
  • Quality is a low priority for a tire manufacturer producing 'cheap' tires.  Bottom line, that's a fact.
  • The Tire Sniffer Grade takes into heavy account, a tires value to You.  
  • Tens of thousands of tires on Tire Sniffer are represented with a Tire Sniffer Grade.


Just as tires have value, so do Tire Retailers.

Get to know them (an employee or two, the location etc) and be able to identify what sets each one apart.
Search over 100,000 local tire retailers

Example :
- Find out and consider the free services a retailer offers with a tire purchase. 
- Weight out buying a tire from a retailer that gives you small savings vs. another retailer that has free services etc.  
- Find the value in what services they offer to you and factor that into the cost of the tire(s).  It’s a package deal not to disregard!

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