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Sniff Your Price & Availability

We truly remove all the suck from tire shopping with this one.  Sniffer does it for you so you don't have to.
Tire Price Lock Certificate - Sniff Your Price & Availability

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The 'Sniff Your Price & Availability' feature found on is our answer to providing the most convenient, thorough & ultimate tire shopping experience to both consumers and retailers.  Its mastery of saving you time & money is unparalleled. 

  • Consumers now have the power to obtain the most competitive tire price + warranties & incentives from numerous retailers within their area along with a tires local availability.  ONE offer request reaches MANY retailers - No need for calling, driving or negotiating.
  • Retailers are instantly connected with ready-to-buy, online customers.  Shops can focus on providing stellar service vs. securing a sale.  Responding takes seconds.


Shop for tires when it's convenient for you & WITH your local retailers!

Here's How It Works

Visit and:

1. Select a tire:
Carve through 80+ Brands & 50k Tires.  ( See how to establish a budget and choose the right tire )

Search over 80 tire brands for the perfect tire.

2. Submit an offer request:
Click the 'Sniff Your Price' button found on any tire - Tire Sniffer collects your best prices + warranty & incentives from local tire retailers.

Click th 'Sniff Your Price' Button to submit your price request.

3. Choose your deal, DONE:
From your dashboard, view/compare & select an offer > Present your 'Tire Price Lock Certificate' to the retailer & have your tires installed.

Select a tire & lock in your offer with the Tire Price Lock Certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Details & questions can be found HERE in the Sniff Your Price & Availability F.A.Q



Summing It Up:

That's all there is to it!  No tire knowledge or experience necessary.  Keeping in mind: The most important part of shopping for tires is:

  1. Seeing ALL your options - Not just a few that a retailer presents.
  2. PRICES! Not just any price, but an average price that represents a fair and competitive price. (see our Nationwide Avg. Retail Pricing)

Having access to those 2 things gives the consumer all they truly need to choose a tire.  This feature takes our platform a step further in providing a bespoke shopping service on the consumers behalf.  That service involves:

  • Locating what tire you want and collecting the most competitive prices, warranties + incentives while being free to devote your time to all other things besides tire shopping.
  • We present shop offers to you in your dashboard complete with all the information you need to compare and select the best option for you. 

An example the Sniff Your Price & Availability feature found inside the User Dashboard.

Sniff Your Price & Availability user dashboard experpt
Sniff Your Price & Availability found within the user dashboard.

City Recommendation


'Sniff Your Price & Availability' is a newly released feature.  We are rolling this out to as many cities as quickly as possible.

If you'd like to see this feature in your area sooner than later, please, drop us a quick recommendation letting us know where.  Thank you and happy tire shopping!