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Establishing Your Tire Budget: How to set the stage for tire buying success.

Form your budget on the facts & nothing else. Here's how you'll do it.
Establishing Your Tire Budget with Tire Sniffer.

Any time folks know they're going be breaking out their wallets to make a purchase, the first thing they think about is BUDGET - How much money does one have to devote to a purchase.  The question for you, the tire consumer, is - How do you go about figuring that out?

We know the answer already - You'll go online and or drive to/call a shop.  But, it's not that cut n' dry when it comes to tire shopping and it should not be how you start yours either.  You might think you've got a handle on it but the sinking feeling of frustration is inevitable.  You see, in order to truly establish a realistic budget, you've got to know what it is you're shopping for - And that is where the problem is for the great majority of tire shoppers.  Here's why...

Because each and every tire size (ex 225/45R/17 etc) has its own market, ***your budget literally depends on where products fall within a sizes price range.  Now, because consumers have absolutely (1) - NO WAY to determine real world price ranges (2) - Nor see where all the different tire products of different quality and price actually fall within that price range (check out Nationwide Average Retail Tire Prices), (Result) - There's no way to truly establish a proper budget especially without wasting time, resources and sanity - which is why it's safe to say - people genuinely dislike the tire shopping process.

So, then if you know you're going to be investing and wasting time before you've even begun, what heck do you do?  If you're sitting there hoping we've got the solution for you, we hate to burst your bubble but... Ok, ok, we can't keep on with all this suspense.  Of course we have the solution and it's ridiculously simple!  Providing the fix to our tire customers shopping dilemma is a huge part of what our platform is designed to do.

Let's take a look at how we tackle to most difficult part of the tire shopping process - Establishing Your Budget.

One Step To Rule Them All...

For the record - Tire Sniffer is the only platform in existence that shows consumers the retail price of tires.
Let's put it to good use and build your budget on some solid ground using Tire Sniffer's Nationwide Average Retail Tire Pricing.

*Before we begin, create or log in to your account to unlock nationwide average tire prices & other features.

START - Search a tire size:  Select a tire size to shop & then Click GO - ( You can also find your size by vehicle search )
The listed results given are every tire for that size.  We will be carving through those results to determine your budget and find the right candidate(s).

1. The One Step That Rules Them All:
- Filter the results by your genre of choice [choose from genres listed on the left]
- Then sort by 'Avg Price' & 'Sniffer Grade' [from drop down menu] to expose the genres price range so you can determine your budget.


Your Budget has now been established.
Once you've seen the tire size markets price range you should be able to determine what you can realistically afford.
Continue on to #2 to find and finish your tire shopping.

2. Filter/Sort again:
- Filter by price tier to isolate the markets low, medium or high-price-point options
- Then sort results again by price & sniffer grade for a tailored list of your tire options.

FINISH - Click & Add:
- Select the tires that fit your budget & quality needs to compare them side-by-side and begin making your final selections

And that's it - that's all it takes to expose the complete options for any given size and its real world price range so that you can establish an appropriate budget and confidently choose your next set of tires.

Summing It Up

By establishing your budget based on a comprehensive grouping of products and realistic prices - you've considerably slashed your time waste / you know the market / you know what tires suck and what tires are good / you know what a good or a bad deal is etc etc.  So congratulations on investing a few moments of your time to save you 100 fold the next time you shop for tires.

***A word of CAUTION:  It is vital that you avoid the natural instincts to pick up the phone and call a shop or, worse, jump online in an attempt to pacify the dreadful thoughts that start stacking up in your head.

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