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  Premium Tire Brands   

Premium Tire Brands:  The cream of the crop, chef d'oeuvre, the best-of-the-best.  These tire manufacturers build their products with the most cutting edge technology and highest quality materials.  They test, prove, win & challenge the racing world with advanced technologies and adapt them into their consumer products.  Premium brands are above and beyond their peers and make it a point to show that to the world.  Their products routinely fall on our Top 5/10 BEST Premium Tire Lists.  There's no doubt you've heard of several of these brands. 

Consumers can expect the top-notch producers to deliver preeminent performance across all of their models.  While largely true, it's not always a 100% guarantee.  As expected, premium brands are naturally more expensive.  However, run the mouse through Tire Sniffer and you can unearth some premium brand models in certain sizes to be better buys than lesser "quality" brands.  Because Tire Sniffer cultivates a platform for its users that encompasses the vast majority of all tire products available for purchase along with average retail tire prices, Sniffer has the luxury of rapidly presenting tire consumers with tire options that fit their budget and quality standards.

Below are tire brands who manufacture a majority of their tire models for the premium tire markets and are wholly considered superior tire manufacturers.  Click to visit individual brand pages where you'll find info about the tire brand, all their tire models categorized by genre and nationwide average retail tire prices for each models available tire sizes.


There are 11 Premium tire brands