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  Mid Grade Tire Brands   

So, you take your tires seriously and have the budget to make sure you purchase a great product, awesome.  These mid-grade (aka middle of the road or mid range) tire brands are mostly focused on crafting their tire products/models with technology, high mileage, performance, safety and versatility for drivers looking for the aforementioned.  What separates the mid-grade tire manufacturers from low-cost ones is simple.  First, each ones goals & agendas are inherently different.  Mid-Grade Brands build their products with significantly more technology, testing & better materials - QUALITY - than low-cost tire manufacturers.  They back their tires with mileage expectancies and strive to provide consumers with serious products while maintaining affordability while low-cost brands do not.  Mid-grade tire markets also have a wider degree of variance where products fall on the quality spectrum.  And, depending on a tire sizes popularity, the mid-grade markets can have a wide degree of price variance as well.

Mid-Grade Tire Brands are more easily traceable with corporate origins and plants residing outside of China in countries & continents such as Korea, Germany & Europe, Japan and the United States.  Similar to the low-cost brands, the competition is still quite competitive in mid-grade tire markets with scores of options to parse through.  Because Tire Sniffer cultivates a platform for its users that encompasses the vast majority of all tire products available for purchase along with average retail tire prices, we have the luxury of rapidly presenting tire consumers with tire options that fit their budget and quality standards.  Our Top 5/10 BEST Mid-Cost Tire Lists will unveil to consumers the upper echelon of mid-grade tire products giving you a supple bunch of winners to thumb through for your consideration.

Below are tire brands who manufacture a majority of their tire models for the mid-grade tire markets and are generalized as such.  Click to visit individual brand pages where you'll find info about the tire brand, all their tire models categorized by genre and nationwide average retail tire prices for each models available tire sizes.  And remember, don't let unfamiliarity deter you from a great deal!


There are 18 mid-grade tire brands