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Big SoCal Euro 2016

One of the West Cost's largest all European car events takes over Qualcomm Stadium's parking lot with dj's, food, drag racing and 3000+ fly rides!

Since 2001, as one of the largest all European car events held on the West Coast, Big SoCal Euro hosts 3000+ European cars at Qualcomm Stadium's parking lot.  Food, auto vendors, swap meet, dj's, drag racing can all be enjoyed at the BSCE event.

What we thought:

The scene was super laid back.  A warm yet comfortably sunny day provided a great backdrop for an enjoyable automotive filled event.  The free, open lot hosted many enthusiast's cars, pop-up tents and tailgates while the VIP section hosted most all of the action.

Tons of cars to look at ranging from Audis & Volkswagons to Tuners and Exotics (Lambos, Ferrari etc), stock and heavily modded.  All the car folks were super friendly and open to sharing the love for their cars - their mods, stories etc.  There were several tasty food & auto vendors to enjoy and if you were interested in wrapping your vehicle, well, there were a handful of companies there ready to take on the project.

Despite the lack of exotics participating in the 1/8th mile drag, it was still tons of fun watching the various matchups and upsets.  A sleeper PT cruisers beating more stout opponents, A GTR hitting 106 mph and tons of burnouts and interesting launches to smile at.

While the "Q" is no stranger to rowdy, chest puffed, intoxicated shenanigans, this event was perfect for the family to hang out around rad cars, people, jams, food n' tire smoke.  All in all, a terrific weekend event under the SoCal sun.