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  Economy Tire Brands   

Economy tire brands (aka low-cost tires or cheap tires) are hyper-focused on offering price sensitive consumers with budget/discount tire products.  Now, it is important to note that any & all tires sold in the USA must meet all U.S. (FMVSS) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  Basically meaning that you don't need to worry about even the cheapest D.O.T branded tires being unsafe.  That said, most brands that manufacture tire models dedicated to the "economy tire market" are produced for drivers with price sensitive budgets who need a solid product to carry them safely down the roads without the need for fancy design technologies, cornering abilities, high speed ratings, rubber compounds or mileage expectancies.  We like to say: they're simply round, black & rubber.  Most all economy brands are manufactured over seas and you've probably not heard of the tire brand, either.  Not to worry!  The economy tire market is fiercely competitive with many manufacturers vying for a piece of the discount tire pie.  For tire consumers on a budget, that's a good thing.

That being said, because Tire Sniffer cultivates a platform for its users that encompasses the vast majority of all tire products available for purchase, we have the luxury of unearthing the golden nuggets of the tire world for the consumers benefit.  And, because many tire consumers always request, "I want the cheapest, best performing, high-mileage tire" (which theoretically doesn't exist) we can present the closest thing that realistically does exist and will satisfy that common request as best as possible.  There are some diamonds-in-the-rough to be had in the economy, low-cost tire markets that'll deliver more than just a round, black, rubber tire: see our Top 5/10 BEST Low-Cost Tire Lists to see which brands/models we've ranked above the rest for your consideration.

Below are tire brands who manufacture a majority of their tire models for the economy low-cost tire markets and are generalized as such.  Click to visit individual brand pages where you'll find info about the tire brand, all their tire models categorized by genre and nationwide average retail tire prices for each models available tire sizes.  And remember, don't let unfamiliarity deter you from a great deal!


There are 55 Economy / Low-Cost Tire Brands